“The First Word has been integral to the success of the roll out of tone of voice across Allianz UK. They‘ve not only offered coaching and training for many of our teams but have supported us with great copy, fresh ideas and a wealth of experience in how to embed the tone into our culture and drive change across the business.”
Carolyn Rich
Customer Experience and Brand Identity

In our words

Insurance is intangible. It’s also a highly commoditized market where most of the writing conforms to the industry norm: dull, impersonal and full of technical language.

So how do you stand out? Allianz know that one of the best ways to differentiate your brand is through a consistent tone of voice. Not by shouting at their customers in a one-off ad, but by showing they’re on their customers’ side in every communication, whether it’s a letter, a policy document or a marketing message.

They also understand how important writing is to their people’s confidence and career development.

So over the last two years, Allianz have asked us to run writing workshops for every team, from customer service and marketing to HR and underwriting. It’s helped them create a consistent tone of voice across both their B2C and B2B business.

To give the teams support beyond the training, we’ve run 121 coaching and trained tone of voice champions who edit and give regular feedback on their colleagues’ writing.

We’ve also written everything from web copy to product names, where Allianz don't have the expertise in-house.

It’s not just customers and clients who benefit from a consistent tone of voice. The feedback before and after training shows an average increase in confidence of 144% across around 250 staff. All from better writing.

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