“The First Word has been a fantastic partner for IHG helping us get our tone of voice out globally across our business. They brought incredible creativity and energy to the table and together we came up with a really engaging way of bringing the business along with us. In fact our recent workshop was rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by 120 of our Global HR Leaders.”
Leisa Stewart-Sharpe

Global Internal Communications Director, IHG

In our words

IHG asked us to help their global internal communications and HR teams to take a more consistent, creative and less corporate approach to writing. They had some tone of voice guidelines, but they wanted a way to inspire people to use them. So we put together a series of workshops to push the teams out of their comfort zone and remind them how fun writing is. We used actors to bring the sessions to life, and got the groups brainstorming, drawing and writing everything from impassioned speeches to witty one-liners. We ran the workshops in the UK and the US, and received great feedback. But most importantly, the teams went back to their desks feeling inspired about their writing. And that’s exactly how their readers feel, too.

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