“The First Word has been instrumental in helping our organisation successfully improve and implement our tone of voice. Through their training sessions, The First Word has given our marketing and communications teams the confidence to write with style and come up with copy that captures the imagination of our readers and audiences.”
Diane Kelly
Marketing Manager, the British Library

In our words

One of the British Library’s tone of voice principles is bold. But the fear of offending people was holding their writing back. This might sound overly cautious, but when you consider that 16,000 people from all over the world use the Library every day (on site and online), that’s a lot of people to potentially offend.

Our workshops and coaching gave the team the confidence to express what they loved about the Library, from ancient Sumerian manuscripts to Alice in Wonderland. An intriguing headline here. A witty aside there. And all of a sudden the copy came to life.

Our copy team also wrote the messaging for ‘Drawing the line’, an exhibition about how maps shape our world.

Fortune favours the brave. As a result of our work, the teams enjoy rather than dread writing. Blog traffic is up. And ‘Drawing the line’ has proved more popular than the Library’s Shakespeare exhibition.

Is this because visitors prefer maps to the Bard? Or is it the power of bold words?

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