"The results of The First Word’s work were tangible and plain to see. Our complaint letters became more customer-friendly and succinct, plus we were able to see greater consistency of letter writing style across all our staff. I would highly recommend The First Word to any organisation wishing to improve their customer correspondence."
Mark Parnaby
Interim Head of Change (Complaints), Barclaycard

In our words

Barclaycard want to be ‘great at complaints’, but their writing was holding them back. Their letters read like police reports and, because each team took a different approach, their customers were getting an inconsistent experience. We developed one customer-friendly tone of voice for their teams, and helped them apply it with a programme of training, coaching and quality assurance. Barclaycard’s internal assessments showed our work helped them to:

  • increase the number of complaints they handled per day – in some teams by as much as 80%
  • improve their internal quality scores overall from medium risk to no risk
  • resolve more queries first time round
  • reduce the number of cases referred to the Ombudsman.

For their customers, the difference is getting a letter that’s just okay and one that's truly great.

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