"The First Word are knowledgeable and passionate about the written word and that comes across in their training. Their workshops were highly engaging, participative and most importantly, resulted in a demonstrable improvement to the way my function thought about and crafted their writing."
Donna Hamilton
Group Head of Learning, RBS

In our words

The HR team at RBS was struggling to engage people with their communications. Their writing had lost the human touch, so we developed a series of writing workshops to help them reconnect with the emotional side of writing. During the workshops we asked the teams to share writing that moved them, and we analysed famous speeches to show how leaders show their humanity to make a connection with their audience. The workshops transformed the way HR teams write, and the response rate to their communications went up dramatically. The change in tone changed the image of HR too. A team once thought of as a bit stuffy and unapproachable is now seen as helpful, friendly and most of all human.

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