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Signs of the times

Want your writing to look cool? Use these trendy punctuation marks

No, we’re not being ironic and no, ‘trendy punctuation’ is not an oxymoron.

In the last few years, everyone from celebrity chefs to pop stars to brands have started using trendy typography to make their writing look cool.

So sprinkle these symbols into your copy or risk the shame of using punctuation just to break up sentences.

  1. +

Ampersands are over (don’t even bother with ‘and’). For the self-consciously hip, only a + sign will do. Which is probably why Hemsley + Hemsley can’t get enough of them.



  1. x

Collaborations – sorry, collabs – are super trendy, and no collab is complete without a little x between two names. And anyway, when has x not been cool?



  1. *

When Beyoncé uses an asterisk, you know it’s cool.


Just to be clear, adding loads of ******* to hide hidden costs and crappy disclaimers in small print is still NOT COOL.

  1. #

We couldn’t compile this list without including the hashtag. But the coolest hashtags aren’t on Twitter. They’re just shoved in front of wordspressedtogetherintoonesuperword as a kind of marker for hipster stuff.



  1. >

Mostly used by corporates to add a bit of oomph to their visual identity. So not cool, but at least it’s not a meerkat.



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